Luiz Paulo Alves

Chief Executive Officer

CEO - Our Chief Executive Officers ensure the achievement of the results defined in the operational and administrative plans, in accordance with the mission of the company, its principles and philosophy, within the guidelines established, through the general coordination of all areas of the company.
Aiming to ensure its development, growth and continuity, it identifies opportunities and evaluates feasibility and makes recommendations on new partnerships and movements of the virtual aviation community.
They lead the processes of changes in the culture of the organization, aiming to win the engagement of all its members and ensure the consolidation of an organizational culture oriented to the continuous search for quality and high standards of individual and collective performance.
They maintain contact with the direction of regional and international virtual aviation networks, independent developers and related flight simulation companies, in order to harmonize efforts that translate into benefits for the members, the specific market and the community in general.
They are proud to be the creators of a project that aims to expand possibilities and generate healthy and high level fun for those who want a friendly and challenging environment at the same time.

Orleans Pedro

Operational Director

Operational Director - Our Chief Operating Officer is the right arm of the CEO, responsible for leading, inspiring the group and defining all internal aspects of our operations.
It will solve problems and mediate conflicts is and thought-oriented for the overall good of the company, maintaining the smooth operation of the area.
The Operational Director will constantly work with inputs from other boards (Marketing, Finance, HR, etc.) and report all this to CEOs. It is extremely important that he be able to lead by example and inspire the other leaders of the company, so as not to create disagreements and obstacles to his own work.

Jose Eduardo Rodrigues Gimenez

Director of Human Resources

The Director of Human Resources is the professional responsible for organizing all employees of the company with the goal of always seeking the best income of the members.
Always ensuring the company's policies in compliance with its best practices, guaranteeing the quality of its employees within the current legislation, acting with a focus on planning, career management and positions and salaries, planning, organizing, directing and controlling the activities of Human resources through the definition of standards and policies aimed at providing the company with a skilled and efficient workforce.

Jose Wilde

IT Director

IT Director - The Information Technology (IT) Director is the professional responsible for directing the implementation of the Information Technology Master Plan, a tool for diagnosing, planning and managing the resources and processes of information technology that aims to meet the needs Of an organ or entity for a given period.
This professional will also have the function of monitoring the functioning of all communication channels of Prime, including Team Speak and ensuring the full operation of these resources whenever possible.

Joel Alves

Training Director

Training Director - The Training Director is the professional responsible for conducting administrative coordination and the smooth running of theoretical and practical flight training, leading pilots to perfect their techniques and processes, as well as maintaining the operational standard of all members of the team. GO.

It will be in direct contact with the checkers for performance evaluation, training, deployment plans, knowing the needs and problems of the pilots and following a constructivist approach to solve them.
At Prime, our training is conducted by ELUv and extended internally via specialized instruction coordinators and face-to-face checkers.

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